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What makes the best E-Learning module?

E-learning is the best the modern method of sharing knowledge, where you can bring learner community to learning curve. LMS king Professional is a very useful in building and managing learning community, you can easy build and deploy learning module with the help of wizards. But building a successful learning module depends on your creativity. You can make the best module by following few points.

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Story telling- Is one of known oldest method of sharing knowledge practiced since ages. Though the word story telling looks bit childish, but trust me this one of the proven methods in sharing knowledge. As kids we always loved stories, where in we put words into imagination, stories stimulate our brain and the imagination helped us to remember. This also beneficial in building successful e-learning courses, a fact becomes memorable and learning process becomes more engaged. While talking about corporate training, there are many methods of story telling you can implement in LMS Kings module.

Different model of E-Learning courses

  • Case Method- Story telling based on the case, a corporate case which needs solution. Here you can teach the audience how to behave in particular a situation, applying his or her skills and knowledge. This model is extensively used in business and Schools.
  • Fictional or Narrative story telling is used to generate more interest towards the information.
  • Scenario based storytelling, here the learner becomes the part of the story and he achieves result based on decisions.  This method well used in infrequent situations, when you want your learners to put previous learning in picture.
  • Problem based method helps people to develop problem solving skills to particular situation. This method is well known to be used in medical and ecological fields.
  • Digital storytelling is the modern method of learning, where you can use graphics, sounds and animation.

It does not matter what storytelling methods you choose for your learning module, there are certain fundamental principles you need to follow.

  1. First you need to analyze the purpose of the course, suppose if it is a compulsory corporate course, chick and read should be the best option.
  2. Avoid information dump. Each course should be setup keeping in mind certain objective; you need to keep focus on the course objectives.
  3. Brand your e-learning course, the color, logos, fonts etc. should match to your company profile. Always try to use meaning full graphics, not gratuitous images; a graphic can also project process steps.

Technology moves fast but what moves even fast is the content, think outside the box by adding LMS King Professional to your E-learning solution.


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