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Why is Joomla the leading eLearning platform?

If you’re working in the educational fields, you’ve probably heard about Joomla, as it’s the golden standard content management system for learning institutions worldwide. This software has evolved immensely over the years, and it’s currently very intuitive to use and extremely feature-rich, with continuous improvement based on feedback from actual teachers.

 joomla lms

But what exactly can be done by using Joomla tools aimed at the educational sectors? There are many unique benefits.

Free to get started: Joomla is Open Source software, which means that it’s free for anyone to use. There will be specialized add-ons and tools that have a cost (usually worth it), but it doesn’t take any investment to begin with.

Simple installation: Installing Joomla is a relatively straightforward process that does required advanced technical skills. Currently many web hosting companies actually provide 1-click installation tools that allow getting started with Joomla without having to use FTP or similar tools to set things up.

Dedicated tools: While Joomla started as a CMS (content management system), it has evolved over the years and currently features add-on tools called LMS (learning management system). As the name suggest, these tools offer a dedicated solution for learning scenarios of any type – from public schools to private tutoring and others. These tools have been developed by educators for educators to use, and several packages are available – the leading solution being Joomla LMS King.

Multi-Language support: This is one of the key strengths of Joomla LMS King. You can set up content in multiple languages very easily, as well as providing a multi-language interface. Users can switch languages quickly and easily, so that resources can be shared effortlessly even at international levels.

E-Commerce integration: For private tutors looking to sell their tutorials oravail a paid service, Joomla makes things very easy and straightforward. E-Commerce solutions can be deployed as simply as setting up a module, meaning you can accept multiple forms of payment via providers that secure the experience of everyone involved.

Publishing additional contents: Adding contents to the learning process is extremely simple and intuitive (not unlike updating a blog), and additional course materials can be supplied in any format – including ZIP and PDF files.

Modularity design: Whether in traditional formats or on-line, courses should be clearly divided in modules for easier comprehension, and Joomla has been conceived to allow doing that naturally. References can be integrated seamlessly into the modules, which encourages students to keep reading and advancing their knowledge on topics they’re interested in.

Performance Analytics:Joomla LMS King offers an impressive array of performance analytics that help teachers to easily keep track of student progress by checking their interactions with the platforms. Feedback can be supplied directly to the student via the platform, making it a practical and efficient communication tool.

If you’re still undecided regarding the usefulness of eLearning, the results speak for themselves: schools that embraced these tools get better results and increased efficiency. These types of tools are here to stay, and modern teachers should get involved and learn to use them as soon as possible.

Joomla LMS
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