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How many steps will they go through using your extension?


When a user comes to our site to sign up for an exam, we want to make this a seamless process. How many steps will they go through using your extension to do the following: Select an exam on the main Training page to go right into the exam?
Once the user has registered on yoru site, through whatever means you take. The process is very simple... but let me give you some pre setup info first.
With the LMS system, you can create menu items containing links to any number of different certification paths. So, for example, if you have users in "Joomla user Group A" that you want to see only a select selection of Certification Paths, then you setup the menu item and set the joomla permissions for the menu item to Group A in the permissions setting.  This way, only users that are assigned to the Group A joomla group will see the menu item and hence only they will see the Certification Paths that you want them to.
If you are going to create the users your self or via some import functionality, you should be able to find a way to add them to the group. Other than that, if the user is registering manually themselves on the site then this process itself is not linked to the LMS in any way.
Once the user is registered, they will select a menu item that you set up where they will see the set of Certification Paths that you make available to them.
If the Certification paths are FREE, they will see the word Free and and add button.
If the Certification paths have a price, then they will see the price, and a selector so that the user can choose which payment method to choose from.
Additionally, if they have a promocode, and you've configured the Certification Path to allow a promocode, then they will also see the promocode input field.
The user makes their payment via paypal for example and is returned to the site where they will now see a menu item that will link them to "Their Purchased Certification Paths". You can create this menu or use our Learning Center module.
When the payment is marked as Successful, the user is added to the Joomla Students user Group.
The process is very quick.  I'm just very long winded trying to carefully explain it without any confusion.
When the user clicks on the My Certification Paths menu item, they will see their purchases.
They can then click on the Cerrification path, then Course, and Click the Start Lesson link.
You can see and test all of this on our demo site.
If you would like access to test this, please let me know.



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2014-01-27 22:28:42
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2014-01-27 22:39:29
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