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How does lesson weighting work?

If you are having problems understanding why the system is only showing you getting a score other than the 100% grade that you think you should have gotten, then it's most likely that you've configured lesson weighting.

So, lets explain a little about how lesson weighting works.

It is a complicated system, so you should really understand it before you try to use it.

Did you watch the powerpoint that explains how it works?

Here is a link to a powerpoint explaining the weighting system.

 Now, for a working example of how weighting works.

A Lesson(exam) has a pass mark. It doesn’t have weighting.

A course has weighting and this is what you used for the lessons inside it.

If a course has a pass mark of 50% then the student must get a total of 50% result from the sum of the results of the lessons inside the course.

So, if a course had 2 lessons a and b

If a had a pass % of 80% and b had a pass % of 40

Firstly, the student would need to get 80 and 40 respectively in these lessons to even trigger the further calculations for completing the course successfully.

So, if a student gets the 80% and 40% exactly (for this example) we then go further to see what % of that result is going to be used in calculating the result for the course.

So, if we give lesson (a) a weighting of 10% and lesson (b) a weighting of 90%, then 10% of 80% and 90% of 40% would be added to get the total mark for the course.

In this example, lesson (a) contributes 10% of 80 = 8% and lesson (b) contributes 90% of 40 = 36%

So, in the end, the student gets on the course a result of 44%

NOTE: There is no pass mark for a course because to pass the course, the student must pass each of the lessons. However, as you can see, because of the weighting, this student would pass with a low score.

The process can be compounded even further, if your Certification path were to have more than one course in it. And each Course had a weighting assigned to it.



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