Can I randomly pull 35 questions out of the 70 in the lesson?


They have an exam that contains 70 questions, but they want the exam to randomly pull 35 questions out of the 70 questions created. Does this tool accommodate this type of function?
In the lesson configuration, we have an option called Blocks.
What you do,is you change the ordering of your questions and group the similar questions all together.
You then Select the similar ones, and use the options to create a block of questions.
Here, you can specify how many questions from the block will be displayed and the point value for them.
Be sure to set the question ordering before you create your blocks. It can be tedious to remove a block then re order the questions and add the block again, with the new question added.
The questions will show in the order specified in the ordering.



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2014-01-27 22:32:17
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2014-01-27 22:39:53
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