How to add users to the system.

  There are many ways to ad users to the system.
They can manually registere themselves via joomla, Jomsocial, communityBuilder, Easy Social, the methods are limitless.
You as admin can import the users into the system too.
The users once logged in, can go to the purchase Certification Paths page and if the CP is Free, they just click ADD. If it's paid, they click Pay and go through the checkout process.
Also, in the admin area, you can go to the CP manager page, edit the CP, and then select the users you want to add to the CP.
A feature that we recently added to the CP edit page is that you can select a GROUP of users and add them.
So, that means, if you have users from one company, you create a joomla user group and import them into it.
Then when you edit the CP that you want that group of users to use, you simply select that group, then select all the users in that specific group.
In this way, you can setup groups per company or school, so that they each have access to a different CP.


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2015-07-22 09:12:02
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2015-07-22 09:12:02
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