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How to Start a Career in the E-Learning Field

How to Start a Career in the E-Learning Field
The current job market has evolved so much in recent times that it is safe to say that these changes were very much unprecedented and unimaginable just a few decades ago. Certain factors including technology, economy changes, demographic changes and competition all dictate this growth and make it necessary for people to adapt to a new reality and even master a new skill if they want to remain competitive.
The e-learning job market in particular is in strong demand due to the advancement in digital technologies and social media. Many businesses and educational institutions are abandoning traditional forms of indoor learning in favor of online learning. But how can you break into the e-learning industry if you have no experience? Which is the best career to choose?

The various e-learning roles
There are very many e-learning roles to choose from, many of which can provide you with a fulfilling e-learning field. Some of them are;

  • E-learning developer; works on course development, design and maintenance
  • Instructional designer; analyzes, designs and develops the instruction course materials and organizes them into an online curriculum
  • Training and development manager; creates and implements training programs and at the same time evaluates their effectiveness.
  • Content Specialist; responsible for course collection

How to pick the right career
When choosing the right career, go through all of the above e-learning roles and write down the skills required for each. Take notice of which role already matches the skills you have, that you may have gained from previous work experience.
In order to ensure success, you may want to further improve on the skills you already have or gaining those that are missing. There are very many sources; some of them online that can greatly help you increase your knowledge of the e-learning role you have chosen.


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