LMS is the Ultimate solution of Boring classes

What happens in a classroom is nothing new. We all know what a boring class is all about.  It’s extremely important for a teacher to get everyone’s attention. Without proper attention, no lesson could be successful. Therefore, most of the institution fails to get a proper systemized education to its students. Education in any form should be centralized. A proper centralized system should provide the exact outcome necessary for a system. LMS acts as the basic framework. One of the most important things is the instructional contents. It sets both training and learning goals. It has features of online collaboration.

This is where LMS plays a major role in creating a proper framework for any educational structure. Learning could be made all the easier, simpler or importantly systematic using LMS. It is important for documentation, administration, tracking, and delivering of e-learning. Now, what is e-learning? It is electronic educational technology. It also automates record keeping and both employee registration.   Ultimate Solution of Boaring Class  

It was never possible to design a proper education system till date. Classrooms provide restrictions.  LMS helps in augmenting the lessons which the teacher mostly provides in both mortar and brick environment. Many corporate training departments use LMS as a source of corporate training.  Some of the important dimensions of this kind of training include Student self-service. Now, this may include both instructor-led training and self-service. A student can seek the help of a guide to determine his course of education. Training workflow is the second most important dimension. It includes manager approval, user notification, and wait-list management. Computer based training provides the most important subject. There are both collaborative learning and online assessment. In short it is the multiple or all learning initiative.

LMS is often used as a ubiquitous term because it includes both LMS and LCMS. LCMS is often used for a number of programs such as publishing and workflow integration. It has both Content management and Collaborative Content Development. On the other hand, LMS has some major functions such as Course Content Delivery. The management program includes Curriculum and Certificate, Training event, skills and competencies. Resources and training Record management could also be included in the function area. Along with individual development plan, it could help in assessing and resulting with skill gap analysis. Therefore, we can see that both co-relate each other in terms of function.

 The whole system has been built on Joomla. However the software can work on the different database such as MicrosoftSQL, MySQL, and Oracle. They could be often referred to as the back-end data source. Sharable Content Object Reference Model could be a De Facto standard for LMS system.

The software had proved to be a worldwide phenomenon and with modern technology some new updates are on its way. New features are soon going to be included.  They may include personal, social and learning analytic.  So want to step out from a boring class, and then step into LMS the new system of learning.


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