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What are those features that set King Joomla LMS apart from other products?

For those looking to create a profitable e-learning portal with great features and capabilities, the King Joomla LMS has been introduced to fill this need. It is a product of extensive research by seasoned programmers. With Kings Joomla LMS, teachers, administrators, schools, and even business organizations can create an online learning platform for their students and employees. Students can be taught via an online interface powered by the Kings LMS software.  Schools can also benefit from e-learning by offering online programs to those who are too far away to attend the normal classroom program.  E-learning has been simplified with the introduction of the Kings Joomla LMS.
What are the benefits of the product that makes it stand apart from its peers?

King Joomla LMS is user-friendly
Our products are integrated into the learning Joomla LMS software, making it simple to use and manage. The Joomla is an open source interface that allows users easily edit and take control of their system. No matter your level of technical competence, you won’t find any difficulty when it comes to setting up your system or managing it.

A world Class Support Team
Even if our products can be installed with ease, we do not just let you hanging to figure out everything by yourself. At Kings Products, our team of experienced experts ensures that we are always there when you need us for assistance in maintaining your eLearning portal.

Reasonably Priced
Despite the unbelievable benefits of King LMS, we made sure that you are not paying way too much money to have our product. We took our time to design a product that will not be too expensive for you to adopt. You can’t see any other LMS product in the market that offers so much and at the same time offered as cheap as King LMS. The benefit of King Joomla LMS is worth twice its price.

Rich Features 
The features of this product are the reasons why it has received so many accolades by users over the years.  With a wide range of extensions and lots of tools to choose from, there is no reason not to succeed in the e-learning environment. Some of the features include 18 different question types, Quiz and exam section, survey section, presentation section enabled by multimedia, SCORM, and lots more. With these features, you have the entire arsenal you need to develop a truly dependable and high performing e-learning portal.


Joomla LMS
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