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What makes Joomla CMS a perfect E-Learning solution?


E-Learning is going to be future of education, with the advancement of technology and internet. WWW has broken the barriers of education system, this has made possible to learn anywhere any time. We know we learn in different ways and different times. To support the training needs, you will need e-learning delivery methods. Many organisation and educational institution has already selected e-learning approach and have setup e-learning websites. Sooner or later, the question of right Content Management System will definitely arise, and trust me it is very difficult to on decide right CMS (Content Management System), it is totally dependent on review and analysis on the right CMS. There are approximately a millions of companies offering for CMS, over the internet and some of them are open source. By the term open sourced means you can edit them depending upon your need. For an example Joomla is open source CMS software. Let’s see what makes Joomla different from other content management systems.

Why select Joomla CMS for E-Learning platform?

  • Open sourced – As mentioned above Joomla is an open source CMS, and it is flexible in nature. You can easily add modules, plugins and components which will increase website functionality. Moreover most of the plugins, templates are free of cost and available in internet.
  • CMS is absolutely free - Joomla CMS is free and you can download and use it for your ‘CMS’ requirements. “Joomla is not just software it is a community”.
  • Joomla Update – At Joomla, the developer are constantly working to improve its functionality and the features, you can see the number of release being updated. The recent one is Joomla 3.3.3, the best part is that, you can easily migrate your website to the latest Joomla version by the help of upgrade packages available at
  • Joomla LMS – Joomla LMS can quickly integrates with your website. There are dozens of LMS solutions available in the market, some are free with limited functions and some are commercial with number of features. The most popular one being “LMS King Professional”, the decision of selecting the free or paid versions solely depends on your needs.
  • Easy E-Commerce solution – E-commerce means exchange of goods and services, usually for money. If you have an E-Commerce idea, you probably need a payment system. Joomla offers e-commerce plugins system, which helps you accepting payments in return of sale of services. You can set different payment methods depending on your suitability.

The above listed features make Joomla CMS worth implementing and you can leverage the Joomla CMS platform to make highly interactive E-Learning website.



Joomla LMS
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