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Why you should choose Kings Professional Joomla LMS?

Professional Joomla LMS allows one to create a complete e-Learning platform. It is ideal for those who use a Joomla CMS. Now, you no longer have to manage separate systems for learning management. Professional Joomla LMS is a perfect combination of all functions necessary to run a smooth learning environment for administrators as well as students enrolled. It is highly recommended if you want to create a robust e-Learning portal with lots of interactive options.

Loaded with all the functionalities it enables teaching and testing through different methods. You can create multiple quizzes, presentations and exams with an ease.  Professional Joomla LMS enables hassle free management of e-Learning portal. It is a user friendly LMS equipped with powerful features and extensions necessary for administrators.


Most importantly, the Professional Joomla LMS is SCORM compatible. So, be rest assured that the transition from CMS to LMS shall be smooth. There will be no last minute glitches. The best part is that it works on Joomla version 3.1 and above.  

Course tracking

One can easily shift through courses. Professional Joomla LMS has a feature to showcase previews of study material. You can add up courses plugin/course finder module for a convenient course management experience.

Questions Module

With the help of Professional Joomla LMS you can choose from an extensive range of eighteen question formats like multiple choice questions, short answers and matching. In a nutshell it will allow you to create all the question formats that you can possibly think of.

Review tools and reports

As the course progress, you can track the number of students enrolled in the course. With time analyse the performance of students through various methods and check whether they have taken a lesson or completed an exam. On completion of the course, award certificates to successful students.


You can also embed 6 plugins within the e-Learning portal such as a Messaging or a File Sharing plug in. These plugins are a great source to increase interaction among learners. The more they share the more they learn.

The payment occurs via a secure payment gateway. Course pricing can also be modified easily. You can choose from a range of payment gateways and validate payments. Professional Joomla LMS gives a range of statistics about the users so tracking the traffic is very convenient.

Professional Joomla LMS offers a wide range of features to manage and build an e-Learning website. You can count on its functionality and be rest assured that you will be able to manage your e-Learning portal.  Its unique applications will assist you in creating interesting courses to meet the educational requirement of students round the globe.  


Joomla LMS
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