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Invalid Google Translator API Key Detected

To translate LMS king to another language, it is easiest to use our built in translator.

Donating your translated and checked langage files for other users would be much appreciated.

Go to the Extensions Tab.

On the left, you will see the installed extensions.

Under Translator, you will see a menu item, Config.

Select it.

In the page that opens, enter your Google Translate API key, which you can generate here:

  • Go to this page and click the Create Project button.
  • Enter the name for your project.

Once saved, you will see a table with all your google projects listed.

Click the name of the project that you just created to open it's pages.

On the left, you will now see the Credentials page.

Here, you can generate the keys that you will need to use.

You can test your new key using this url:




Robert Joyce
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2015-04-07 03:14:46
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2015-04-07 21:31:37


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