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LMS King Basic

Joomla LMS King Basic


This is the Joomla LMS Basic version of our Learning Management System.

The Joomla LMS King Basic Learning Management System family has been created to help you deliver a fuss-free, learner-centered approach to e-learning for Joomla!. The Basic version is no different. While it may not have the full feature set as the Professional, it is a powerful, easy-to-use system that helps you help people to learn.

Like all the LMS King Basic products, this one is as simple as you would ever need it to be. You won't find any complicated screens that seem almost impenetrable (unlike other platforms) and there are no lengthy manuals to struggle through. It's all delivered with a Wizard, which helps you get started quickly and able to get students moving towards accreditation faster.

The Basic version allows for effective and user-friendly testing and exams. No aspect of the testing and exams is overlooked, so you can be safe in the knowledge that students will be accommodated fully. And because it's so simple to use, you can allow it to ‘run itself’, which saves you time. There's no need for lengthy preparation or over-management of the e-learning. It's all in the box and ready to go.

Instant, easy access

And talking about that ‘box’, the Joomla LMS King Basic system is all available as an instant download, so you can be up and running with a fast and effective e-learning course within minutes. If there's a need for Joomla! training in your organization, don't waste time looking for instructors and courses, just sign up for the Basic version and you can be training minutes later.

When it comes to reports, the Basic version has a full suite of high quality and accurate reporting, which you can use to reassure students that they are making progress. This also ensures that you have a full reporting system, without the hassle of entering data.

From data on those who have started and completed lessons, all the way to the most active users, everything is there at your fingertips. No teams, no manual recording, no phone calls. Just press a button and all of your course data is there in front of you.

It couldn't be simpler. A Joomla! learning system up and running in minutes with the Joomla LMS King Basic product.


Types of tests

  • Quiz
  • Exam


Our LMS King system currently contains the ability to create 18 types of questions, with more in development.

Several question types are very similar, but internally, very different.

  • Multiple Choice - The user must select an answer from the list of provided responses
  • Fill in Blank - The user must manually type in their answer
  • Multiple Response - The user has the option to select more than one answer if applicable to the question
  • Yes/No - A Binary question where the user must select yes or no in response to the question presented
  • Drop-down List - The user must select their answer from a drop down list of possible answers
  • Short Answer
  • Matching - The user must match the questions in column A with the correct answer in column B


Our LMS King system has a huge range of reports that are available to administrators.

Learning Path Reports

  • Learning Path Users
  • Learning Path Lessons
  • Learning Path Courses

Time Spent Reports

  • Students Enrolled
  • Started Lesson
  • Completed Lesson
  • Completed Course
  • Received Certificate
  • Completed Exam
  • Registered Users
  • Most Active Users

User Reports

  • Learning Path reports
  • Lesson Reports

Lesson Reports

  • Users
  • Users Completed Exams

Course Reports

  • Users
  • Course Instances

Exam Reports

  • Question Analysis
  • Analysis
  • Users

Feedback Reports

System Reports

  • Traffic
  • User Types

Certificate Reports

  • Users that got Certification for the Learning Path
  • Users that got Certification for the Course
  • Users that got a Certificate for any Learning Path
  • Certificates that will expire
  • Search for Certificates using its key

Participation Report

Forum Report

Disk Usage Report

Transaction Report

Transcript Report



  • Learning Center module


  • Can be purchased separately
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