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What reports are available
In the reports section, we have alot of different reports.
Scroll down and click the reports section. You can see the entire list of reports available.
Does LMS King allow embedded video from another site as presentation material

Q. Does LMS King allow embedded video from another site as presentation material?  For example, if we wanted all our videos to served by Vimeo can we link them in LMS to play within the course?

A. Currently No. But it does support Youtube videos. However, now that Vimeo has come to my attention, I'll investigate adding it. I am also going to investigate moving the code for replacing HTML tags for the videos and other items Eg: {youtube}KJHHgj768jgjhg{/youtube} into a plugin system so that we can add any number of tags and our plugins will simple parse and replace the content.


Does LMS King integrate with Virtuemart

Q. Does LMS King integrate with Virtuemart so that users can purchase using the cart system that I already have to sell my other products.


A. At the current time, Virtuemart does not work on Jooml 3.1+ so in short the answer is No.  But when it is released, we will be investigating the possability of this.

How do I add media content type lessons

How do I add a lesson that:

  • contains only media (video, audio, document, file, link);
  • contains only text;
  • contains media and text;


A. This would be a Text only type question. OR if all the pages in the lesson are for presentation only, then create the lesson as a Presentation type instead of an Exam type. Presentation type expects no inputs from the users.

You can add HTML code using various Editor plugins, but our system has 2 editor buttons, 1 is for the fileshare component, where you can add a link to a file that you have uploaded to the site and set the access permissions on it as to who can access the file.

The other is for adding amazon widgets and youtube videos.

How do I add a module to a particular course?

Q. How do I add a module to a particular course?

A. The Certification path contains Courses, The courses contain Lessons, the lessons contain questions.

How do I set file storage and default location?

Q. How do I set file storage and default location?

A. You set the locations in the admin of the Media Manager extension that you can find in the Extensions tab of the component.These settings will effect all of our components EXCEPT the storage location of SCORM files.

Getting an error when adding a scorm module in admin imsmanifest.xml not found

If you get the error manifest file not found when you are adding scorm modules, check the upload_max_filesize setting in your php configuration.

It will most likely be 2M which means that you can only add files of 2mb

In the administrator folder add the following line to your php.ini

upload_max_filesize = 10M

This will allow you to upload a 10mb scorm module.

If php.ini files don't work on your server, then contact your hosting service to change this setting or use the appropriate commands in the .htaccess file.

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