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Managing teachers and assistants

When creating a lesson, you are prompted to set the teacher and assistant that will be assigned to it.

If you are using a single site for your LMS, then you have no problems, just select the ones you want.

However, if you have a system that uses physical locations or multiple certification paths that include the same lesson, then you can increase the flexibility of the system using the following method.

In the Edit lesson page, select ALL the teachers and assistants that will be handling the students across all the locations where the certification paths will be accessed.   For example, if you use physical offices for your training, you may have one in Miami and one on New York. In each lesson, you will have different teachers and assistants, most certainly.

So, when editing the lesson, select teacher1, teacher2 and assistant1,assistant 2 before saving.

Now, If you are creating a certification path for each location that contains this lesson that you have just created, then you save the certification path, then edit it again.

In edit mode, you select the course and then select your lesson.

Below this, you can see the list of available teachers and assistants for this lesson.

Now, select delete X for the one below if it already exists and select the ones you want to add and click the add to list button.  Then Save the certification path.

Joomla LMS for Training Management System

Now, when user use the system, they will only see THEIR teacher and assistant.

For example, if using the chat extension or the fileshare extension.


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