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Advantages of Online Education as an Alternate Career for the Educators

Advantages of Online Education as an Alternate Career for the Educators

Online education has opened new doors of healthy second income for the educators. The fact of the matter is that most educators are paid at least 12 percent lesser as compared to any other worker who has the same amount of education and work experience. Thus, for those teachers who are really good at their job, online education has opened a new arena of extra income. 



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If you wish to conduct online courses, tutoring children online can offer not just an alternative source of income, but has quite a few benefits that you must consider. You need an LMS system like King Products, Joomla LMS.

Advantages of online education for the educators

     1. Be your own boss

The best part of conducting online courses and online classes is that you do not have to overburden yourself. You can pace your online classes in such a manner that your present income and teaching hours do not get affected. For example, you can begin with tutoring only on the weekends. 

     2. The world is your classroom

When conducting classes online, you are able to connect with students from all over the world. Moreover, you can choose to limit your online education class, so that you can give individual attention to each student. Since you have the benefit of teaching globally, your classroom size as well as the number of students increases in manifolds. 

Specialized courses that can be categorized as employment related skill such as ‘communication and body language or critical thinking’ could design to not only for school and college ready students but also for the corporate sector. 


Figure 2 Source: IBISWorld; Various sources (Smart Higher Education);

     3. Qualitative management

Most online education platforms and learning management systems provide you with highly secure features. You can post assignments, videos, timetables, reference resources and material, etc. for your students to access and study at their own pace. These features not only personalize education for the e-learning students they give you a freedom of being virtually present as well. 

The classes can be scheduled in advance and assignments for preparation can be handed out in advance. Furthermore, after each live session, you can access indisputable data of number of participants and verify their participation in terms of numbers as well as quality, without any extra efforts. 


people-using-tech     4. Grow at your own pace

Individually, it might be a bit difficult for you to market your online education course, initially. As marketing a product or service online can be a bit time consuming. Various online universities, distance education platforms and MOOCs, offer amazing opportunity to market your online education course on globally. Moreover, you can choose to be a part of globally accredited distance learning universities. Thus, your online education course shall receive accreditation as well.  

As an online instructor, you will have access to the organizations electronic collections and libraries, online journals, magazines and many other useful resources. If you are yet not ready to fly solo, you can market your online education via these platforms.

Though yet in its infancy, the e-learning industry is worth billions of dollars. As online education travels via the internet, a vast global arena yet is to be connected. As the reach of internet via desktop and various mobile resources reaches the remotest parts of the world, your classroom will have an equal amount of opportunity to grow.

Since online students as well as institutions prefer self paced learning and continuing education all year long, you get ample of opportunities to enhance your skill in providing feedback, critical thinking, problem solving and managing difficult students. The online education platforms retain your records such as additional faculty tips, mementos and accolades. Thus, you get an opportunity to be a world-renowned instructor sitting in your own room.


     5. Learn while you earn

The online education platforms often offer a staff discount for the instructors and their family members. Thus, if you wish to secure a few more certificates, you may get it at a discounted rate. Furthermore, you get the opportunity to interact with faculties and students from all over the world. This contributes a lot to your personal growth as an educator. Learn latest methods, strategies and share ideas that help you evolve as a better educator. You never know, these added skills might make you indispensable at your present educational institution or may enable you to be a part of a much better institution.

Often, online education platforms consider the educators as their employees. Thus, employee benefits options such as stock purchase, stock option, 401k savings plans, tax deferred savings schemes and awards might be available as well. A few organizations even provide a personal computer and/or a wireless communication plan.

If you thought that as an online educator, you can simply grant access to resources and provide a blogging platform to your school students, think again. Online education offers amazing financial, professional and personal opportunities. What are you waiting for?


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