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Benefits of Choosing Joomla LMS Kings Basic

Learning Management System is a web-based way to implement and plan certain learning processes. Whether it is needed to help students gain specific knowledge or take tests, or to train your company’s staff, all your problems can be easily solved with Learning Management System, commonly known as LMS. One of the best web-based learning programs is Joomla LMS Kings Basic, which has great features and exceptional options that together make it one of the top LM systems.


Joomla LMS Kings Basic Specifications

This Joomla is, as it name says, the basic version of Learning Management Systems. It doesn’t come with an existing extension, but all extensions are integrated into the LM systems. Extensions available are different components, modules, and plugins. This system is specially designed to work with Joomla 3.1 and the fourth versions of Joomla, and it provides easily manageable Internet learning portals and platforms. With Joomla LMS Kings Basic, you can take and make tests, quizzes, exams, and presentations while experiencing the services of superb eLearning.

You can choose and use several types of test and quiz questions:

  • Multiple Choice – the user must choose the correct answer from several choices in order to pass the test
  • Fill-in-the-Blanks – the user taking the test, quiz, or exam must fill in the blank field with a correct answer
  • Multiple Answers –the user must choose all the correct answers, as there is more than one
  • Yes or No –the user answers with simple positive or negative answers to these binary questions
  • Drop-Down Answers –the user chooses answers from a drop-down list
  • Short Answer – the user’s answer to the question needs to be relevant and short
  • Matching – the user needs to match one question component with another in order to answer correctly (ie: match A to B)

Due to a lack of complicated menus, settings, and instructions, even if you have never used a LMS platform before you will find it simple. Everyone can use Joomla LMS Basic and become an expert in tests, quizzes, and exams by further upgrading to new versions of Joomla, getting new extensions, and with advanced options. Joomla LMS King Basic is very affordable, and extremely easy to use, which undoubtedly makes it one of the best LM systems currently available on the market.

 Joomla LMS King Basic Extensions and Reports

There are many types of reports made by Joomla especially for administrators. The types you can get with Joomla LMS Kings Basic are:

  • Learning Path Reports – includes path courses, classes and lessons
  • Reports on Spent Time – reports on students enrolled, lessons started, lessons completed, completed courses, completed exams, certificates, users who are registered, and users with the greatest activity
  • User Reports – learning path and lesson reports
  • Lesson Reports – reports on users and the exams completed by users
  • Course Reports – reports on users and their course instances
  • Exam Reports – includes analytics and question analyses
  • Feedback Reports
  • System Reports  - reports on trafficking and types of users
  • Certification Reports – reporting users of certificates gained on lessons, exams, learning paths, and expiration of certificates; includes search of certificates using the key
  • Report on Participation
  • Forum Report
  • Transcription Report
  • Transaction Report
  • Report on Disk Usage

All of these reports will help administrators keep track of every aspect of learning, training, and taking of exams, tests, and quizzes. An extension available for Joomla LMS is Learning Center Module, which can be purchased separately.


Joomla LMS
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