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Benefits of the King Joomla LMS over other Learning management systems

The King Joomla LMS is e-learning software that is affordable as well as very efficient for building world class learning management systems.   It might interest you to know that the developers of this software have spent many years in the e-learning environment before stepping up to create the most complete LMS product. Moreover, it is intended to work with the Joomla CMS portal, an open source portal that allows users to manage their system with ease.    Below are some of the features that make King Products one of the most sought after LMS products in the market today?


* Question types: with our product, you can set exam, create quiz, SCORM, survey, and use presentations for students to comprehend better. You have a wide range of question types to use at any given time. There are 18 different question types available for use in Kings Products. They are:

Essay – these are questions that demand long responses. The user can either type these questions manually or upload them.

Numeric – here, the user just types in the most appropriate answer in the numeric box provided

Drop-down List –Here the user selects the most appropriate option from the list provided in the custom drop-down menu

Matching –  used when the user is required to match statements in two separate columns

Multiple Choice – Different responses are provided for the user to select the correct response to the questions asked.

Fill in Blank questions

Multiple Response – where the user has the liberty to select more than one option, depending on the question asked.

Fill in Multiple Blanks

True/False question types

Questions requiring Short Answer
Other question types provided in the King LMS include jumbled sentence, selector, grid, right/wrong, and SCORM.
King products also come with preinstalled components such as chat, messaging, Fileshare, translator, profile, forum, feedback, and media messenger. There are also plugins that help users easily navigate through different sections of the portal. There are filesharing editor plugins, YouTube/Amazon Associates editor plugin, messaging plugin, Buy Now plugin, Courses plugin, and user statistics reporting plugin.
The system also has provision for modules such as profile search module, chat module, profile link module, course finder module, My Certification Paths module, and Learning Center module.
The simplicity of the product as well as these rich features and extensions are what make the King Joomla LMS stand out among other types LMS products in the market today.


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