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Building a solid and dependable online learning system using the King Joomla LMS

Learning management systems are software intended to create a learning interface where users can interact with each other as they pass knowledge across. LMS is increasingly gaining popularity because of the high demands of online learning.  Our Kings Joomla LMS was designed to give users another viable option when it comes to providing user-friendly software that is reasonably priced and very efficient. With this user-friendly interface that Joomla provides, there is no need to worry about Joomla development tutorial because the system is easy to comprehend. Why most other systems in this niche are too technical and complex to manage, our LMS system makes you look like a pro.
Subject matter experts that want to take their e-learning module to greater height can avail the benefits of King LMS for dependability and efficiency.
It has been designed by experienced LMS users who already understand the intricacies involved in the overall functionality of learning management system. Our King LMS professional provides all you need to ensure that you create an enviable e-learning portal.


King Products are specially designed by a team of programming experts with several years of e-learning experience in the industry. We have been around in the industry to understand what is lacking for a more efficient e-learning environment. This need is what we have met with the King LMS product.

Educational institutions can rely on the exceptional features of LMS King to create a superb online learning interface. There are 18 different question types (including multiple choice question, true/false, fill in the blanks, and drop down list) available for teachers to use when administering questions to students. There is also the provision for virtual interactive class where lessons can be carried out like in the real world class. The e-learning environment is not lacking anything that will disrupt learning.  Its multi-media support enables users communicate to each other and see each other online. Students can ask questions and get immediate response by the teacher. Moreover, there is provision for the printing of certificates upon completion of the course program.

Some of these features are not available in most other learning management systems. Even when available, managing and organizing the software becomes a burden because of the complex nature of their design. But with King LMS, there is no issue regarding ease of use.

Moreover, our first-class support team is always there to help you whenever you need an assistance. If you are looking to build a highly dependable e-learning portal that serves you as well as your students, there are very few learning management systems that can be compared to The Kings Joomla LMS.


Joomla LMS
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