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Competency based e-learning is change face of modern education

Modern e-learning has not only changed in the recent era but has also become inevitable. And Joomla e-learning serves as a catalyst for competency based learnings. The name competency based eLearning is nothing but a model, similar to other business models. A modern techniques where in credits are awarded after content mastery and not on seat timing. A content based eLearning can be in person or online groups, students can walk through different modules of eLearning on their own and can take assessments. When a student passes or masters one module he/she moved to the next module for competency.


Competency based education model is more of replacing the traditional education system. By putting into the fact that “what you know” rather than how many hours you have spent learning the subject. This model is more realistic approach where a student is credentialed based upon the skills and knowledge to meet the already developed skill sets.

The main advantages of competency based eLearning in this changing world.

  1. Flexibility - Students are now free from class schedules and semesters or study time. This options enables learn at your go, it is totally dependent on students when to start and when and where there schedules allows. This is very helpful for those peoples who are juggling with work and family commitments.
  2. Affordable and within your Reach – Competency based model eLearning’s are less expensive compared to the traditional based call room learning. It lets the student go by the subscription period of their choice. You may accelerate your process to shorten the subscription period to save time and money.
  3. Personalized as per your need – Flexibility helps you skip the learning and take the assessment directly, based on your previous learnings. Thus helps you to save money and time on the learnings which you already had.
  4. Self- Paced – Like traditional education, competency based learnings too have examination. But is slightly in favor of the learners. Learners can opt for assessment on their choice or after mastery of the contents. With this option students can monitor their progress easily and can take necessary steps to improve it.
  5. Transparent – Competency based learnings directly proportional with specific skill sets that the students must have to pass the assessment and move to the next assessment.

Content based learning is slowing making its way to the modern education, institutions and Government agencies are now taking competency based learning seriously to meet there educational needs.



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