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E-learning has revolutionized the educational sector. More and more people are now gaining access to education and training through the internet.  Those who cannot find their ideal program in their locality are no more held back because of the e-learning environment. In the same way, teachers and subject matter experts are using e-learning to expand their teaching base and spread their knowledge across every corner of the world.  A teacher in a specific field in the United States can have a student in East Asia even though they cannot see themselves in person. The teacher can interact with the student and teach them online as it is being taught in the conventional classroom. The introduction of learning management system has made this whole feat achievable. The King Joomla LMS makes it possible for anyone interested in training or educating people online to take advantage of e-learning benefits and build a profitable portal for themselves.

Lessons are carried out easily, assignments are given, quizzes are taken, tests are administered, exams are also taken, and results/certificates are equally issued to the students with the help of the King Joomla LMS.

Joomla Products have introduced the all encompassing e-learning software that enables teachers, administrators, corporate organizations, and educational institutions set the pace of online learning.

With all its features, a wide range of extensions (components, modules, and plugins), affordability, effectiveness, and easy-to use interface, you can’t possibly ask for more.
The King Products are compatible with the e-learning Joomla Component to ensure a user friendly system.  Whether you are an experienced IT personnel or a novice when it comes to matters of LMS software, the King LMS will not be a problem for you during setup and maintenance. Above all, we have an experienced support team that will stay with you while you install our product.

It is also very affordable compared to other similar products that do not deliver the same level of efficiency as it is with Kings Products.  There are certainly reasons to be optimistic when you are starting out with our product for your e-learning portal. You are rest assured that all you need to create an outstanding e-learning interface are all packed in one product for you. With Kings Products, your e-portal will always function at an optimal level. No wonder it has been hailed by many as the number one learning management system on the internet. 


Joomla LMS
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