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Difference between learning management system and learning content management system


E-learning is bringing options to an organization that not only are inexpensive but also are more flexible than the conventional classroom training. Although it is impossible for the technology to replace the human touch, training with the available technologies is also helping create digital courses that are engaging, relevant, participatory and add a fun element to education.

There is an increase in the figure of organizations choosing a learning management system (a combination of e-learning and classroom teaching). However, they face questions about the best fit for the environment. Large organizations with thousands of employees not only look for delivering the courses but also consider the administrator options available within the system to monitor and track the performance of the learners. Additional characteristics include integration with the existing platform and future expansion plans. On the contrary, smaller organizations rely more on training delivery. Organizations have the option to choose between the learning management system and the learning management content system. It is crucial to understand the variations to choose the best fit according to the need of the organization.


Learning management system is an application, often a web-based utility that is useful for administering, documenting, tracking, and reporting of e-learning programs. Most of the management systems require importing the course content built externally using Microsoft programs or e-learning development software such as Adobe Captivate. Many systems offer monthly subscription based on the number of active participants. A few platforms charge an annual fee that includes technical support and future software upgrade.


Learning content management system is content-centric software useful in creating and managing of e-learning content. Trainers and instructional designers have the ability to reuse an e-learning content. As a result, the content management system requires less use of resources and saves time in developing a course. Rather than recreating the entire course, LCMS gives the opportunity to modify and publish an existing course content to suit the requirement. Developers gain the ability to manipulate media files, simulations, graphics, and assessment items. It is also possible to use the technology to track courses or as a standalone application, that requires rapid development in the field of learning content.

The difference

The main difference between the learning management system and learning content management system is that the later gives the opportunity to manipulate an existing content, thus reducing the use of resources. LCMS also assists in the creation of content, managing and delivery apart from editing all the individual pieces that make up a training module. The subscription of LCMS is high in comparison to that of the learning management system.

Given the differences between the both learning management systems, choosing either of the platforms depends on the requirement of the organization. A precise analysis will provide a better understanding of the needs, the current training procedure, and future goals along with the active participation of the learners. The factors mentioned above along with the given investment capital help in choosing the best-fit learning management system, which develops a less expensive and more flexible training platform.


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