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Peoples attitude has got changed towards education due advancement of computer and technology. Today students prefer techno-drenched environment to get learning. College experience is getting changed by e-learning. Students prefer getting information from internet rather than sitting for hours to collect notes. It’s the time to get the information on clicks; schools are finding ways to implement e learning trough online courses to blend traditional and modern ways to teaching. In this century students are armed with modern gadgets like cell phones, notepads and tablets rather than notebooks and ink-pens. To engage students in the learning process teachers are finding difficult to get quizzes and test conducted to get students attention back towards education.


Why LMS King Professional?
Joomla LMS king is easy to use Joomla extensions for Joomla website for creating “e-learning” courses. Generating quizzes test, learning paths. Creating quiz with Joomla LMS King Professional does not require any programming skills, which helps school teachers to create an interactive quiz and can get immediate feedback on student knowledge level.

Why LMS King Professional is perfect friend for a teacher?
It is real difficult on writing curriculums and lesson plans and finding time to interact with students, accepting feedback from parents. LMS King Professional not only allows a teacher to create an easy quiz, but also monitor students’ performance and take steps to improve the student performance.
With LMS king Professional teacher can create 18 different types of question pattern, add images and assign pattern. Moreover, random quiz question pattern will ensure that the students won’t cheat in examination. When finally students have completed the quiz or survey, teachers can easily get the final performance report easily on few clicks.

How Can Students benefit from Joomla LMS King Professional?
Modern students cannot think without computers, Joomla ‘e learning’ will become perfect friend. Students and take easy test anytime and get result immediately. There is lot of time spent between examination and final result in the old educational system. But, with LMS King Professional there is no time required to gauge the performance, student can analyse mistakes from the final result and can take the learning to fill the gap.

LMS King Professional acts a perfect solution for e learning industries, especially educational institution like schools and colleges. LMS Kings easily integrates with Joomla CMS, install Joomla LMS king now and make education enjoyable.



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