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How to develop a standardized e-learning system using Kings Joomla LMS

In view of their expanding significance in the course of the most recent century specialized and modern improvement, standards have as of late been getting huge consideration from history specialists and different researchers in a field engineering. A large number of the subjects and lessons distinguished in verifiable and hypothetical investigations of models apply to e-learning standardizations also. Both generally and practically in e-learning, standards could be seen as ways to encode work relations -whether this work is physical or intellectually significant in character: the selection of standard may disentangle a few parts of a framework while making an interest for more labor somewhere else.

standardized e-learning system using Kings Joomla LMS



Kings Joomla LMS product was composed starting from the earliest stage to effectively follow trends of the most cutting edge Learning Management Systems (LMS). Courses can be distributed in norms-conformant framework, such as AICC, SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004. Our engineering additionally gives gimmicks to advancement of your test standards.

King Joomla LMS has all the force and adaptability required to make and oversee institutionalized tests like the TOEIC, JLPT or the PMP certificates, thanks to numerous questioner models such as:

Numerous Choices – the client may pick the right reply from a few decisions so as to breeze through the test

Fill-in-the-Blanks – the client taking the test, inquiry, or exam must fill in the clear field with a right reply

Different Answers –the client must pick all the right replies, as there is more than one

Yes or No –the client replies with basic positive or negative replies to these double inquiries

Drop-Down Answers –the client picks replies from a drop-down rundown

Short Answer – the client's response to the inquiry needs to be pertinent and short

Matching – the client needs to match one inquiry segment with an alternate so as to answer effectively

Depending on a product version, different types of test questions and test models can be conducted, but one of the main conditions for a standardized learning system is the ending certificate. For certificate purposes, we strongly recommend you purchase a professional one, because Our Kings Joomla LMS  system has a huge range of reports that are available to administrators:

  • Certification Path Users
  • Certification Path Lessons
  • Certification Path Courses

So you can easily devlop a standardized and trustworthy e-learning system using Kings Joomla LMS.


Joomla LMS
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