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How to engage learners to your Joomla e-learning course?

Joomla E-learning” owners constantly search for different ways to keep learners engaged. Participating and dropping of students from the e-learning are both sides of a coin. A 10% plus minus is always rational but if it is more, than it is alarming. There are certain things which should be kept in mind while designing an e-learning course.
Engaging learners to the e-learning is something beyond having an interactive content; it is all about designing a truly motivating content. It is really appreciated to have learners emotional connected to the contents. Well, there are certain tips to keep e-learners engage to the course, that where we are on today’s article.
1. First Start with the content : - Content material are the main center of attraction of your e-learners, in other words you can say that it is your “alpha & omega”. It has to good enough to keep learners engaged. It is always good to have engaging contents, gamification, social media integration is always a good start.

2. Spice it up with Flavors : - Black and white a figure, lots of text does not work anymore in today’s world. You need to add relevant colorful images to your content, which would draw visual attention to the topic. Adding a YouTube video or an audio file with fine tone of explanation is always a great idea. But while adding these, always keep student goal in mind. Knowing the goals will help you choose the correct infographics or an audio file matching a real like situation, which is always effective in learner’s engagement.

3. Narrate as small story with a scenario :- when contents are narrated via stories, it stimulates brain and creates an emotional impact. The listeners feel to be the part of the story which ultimately helps them to remember the contents. Telling a story based on real line experience can create a great impact, students might forget the lessons but they might remember some part of your stories.

4. Maintain correct pace : - Don’t adhere to the pre-determine course schedule, going very fast can leave the students confused and going slow will bore them. Always try to fit your training calendar somewhere between slow and fast. Maintaining a correct pace and adding Quizzes to the LMS will help in rapid absorption of e-learning course. Finally making teaching and learning a fun.

I am sure that, the above tips would definitely be handy for you to keep your e-learners engaged.



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