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When you are in the process of making e-learning software, there is certain point where you need to make very important decision and choices. One of the most important selections is the choice of creating a tool, whether to make a complex tool, or an easy tool to use in Joomla Learning management system. Making a complex tool will bring hundreds of features but with terrible user experience. On the other hand if you select to go easy, keeping in mind perspective learners, you can achieve good user experience but this will leverage third party software integration to cover more range of features with the help of LMS king professional. With this help of great tool, you easily create great Joomla LMS and make your LMS flexible.

Easy CMS Integration – Joomla Content Management system is in great demand now days. Let me tell you how you can integrate. Say tomorrow you want to convert your website easily into an eLearning platform by simply installing into a plugins. You just can convert Learning Management System in just few clicks! Apart from this at Kings Product you can experience award winning customer service and an extensive support in PHP scripts.

Easy front end interface – With Joomla LMS king teacher can easily create course, lessons and can setup course path. Front end display can create progress bar style that suits best. It is capable of handling e-mails, chats and file sharing many more options of knowledge sharing.

Joomla CMS and LMS King – Joomla CMS and LMS are updated constantly to keep your website moving. Enhanced security and improvement are always in to do list of Joomla LMS king product.

Easy to sell – No other product in the market can buy you so many add-on features for creating an e-learning course. With Joomla LMS King you easily integrate e-commerce payment gateway in your existing and can setup payment methods, even creating invoice and discount coupons.

Advanced SEO services – Apart from having good Joomla website, you would definitely require help in getting found over major search engines. With LMS king’s new search engine optimization services you can get higher ranks in major search engines.

PHP services – LMS king combines 20 years of PHP experience to support you with advanced needs of PHP in Joomla website.

From the above listed features, Joomla LMS King and it’s is worth implementing; when you are looking to make an interactive, user-friendly Joomla website.



Joomla LMS
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