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Joomla LMS Kings Installation instructions in a nut shell.

Joomla LMS king’ is known to be the KING of open source ‘Joomla LMS’! It is specially tailored to work on Joomla 2.5, 3x and above. Owing to popularity and overwhelming customer response, ‘Joomla LMS’! has released a FREE lite version with limited functionality, where user can evaluate and buy. If you are looking for an open source ‘Joomla LMS’ (Learning Management Service), then ‘LMS King’ is the best! It provides ‘easy to navigate’ window. This system is equipped with everything required to work on Joomla platform, starting from online testing, exam, presentations and quizzes. You can choose the available extensions that suites your need.

How to download and use the extension?

LMS King Professional is the full product with all 7 extensions.

  • Quiz
  • Exam
  • Surver Designing
  • Easy Presentation preparation
  • SCORM Compatibility
  • E-mail Messaging system
  • Alternative Profile system (If you aren't using Joomla Social)

Go to the website and create an account by free sign-up to experience the power of LMS king. Once successfully signed up, go to the product download page. Select LMS Kings Professional and add it your cart. Use the promo code “OpeningSale” to avail discount of $220 and select payment method that suits best. Once purchases are made, proceed to “My download” under “My Account” to add and register your domain where you are going to use the extension. Please not do not use http:// ,WWW or special character to register your domain. Click on save, within a few minutes the product key will pop-up on the screen and download the component. The download component comes in a Zip format. Unzip and upload it to your directory. Do not forget to click “click here” that will upload the default option components and other user permissions. Now enter the license key which you already have received while registration. Under the LMS Plugin you will find a box asking for License key. Once the license key is entered, click on validate. Within few minutes the default questions will start appearing on your screen, click on each item in green stating “Install” to make all your extensions workable.
If you are missing on something, you can refer to this video tutorial. Investing in LMS King Professional is the value worth for money.


Joomla LMS
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