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Joomla is known for its open source content management system, it is fast growing especially in the fields of e-learning. More and more companies are now choosing Joomla for their training needs. But, E-Learning in corporate world contains sensitive information’s that the corporate would like keep safe from the rest of the world. Today’s article is focused on “what are the main issues which corporate LMS may face, and how to overcome them?” Imagine if your LMS system are based on public libraries, containing all employee data’s. People can easily access and sneak inside your libraries and access e-learning data’s.
Organisation spends a lot in order to fight from cyber threat and finding different solutions to stop them. To stop threats, companies need to understand and analyse the vulnerabilities of the current system, so let’s start exploring some of the vital nerves of the learning module that can raise a security risk.

E-Learning security measures:

1) Login Credentials – At certain point when visitors want to access certain content, he/she need to logon to your portal, make sure it is nearly impossible to know your access point details. Hackers gaining access point details can easily sneak in and modify details.

2) Email verification – Access to the e-learning is the first step, you should make sure that legitimate learners are only given access to the e-Learning. In other words you should know to whom you are providing access. If possible enable two way authentications to check the email and correct details.

3) Role Segmentation – It is important that different roles should have access, like learners should have access to modules that he/she should be, Teachers should have access to all modules so that they make changes, developer should have access to the backend. All you need to make is right credential for right access of data in a management hierarchy.

4) Data Base attack – Encryption can be one of the successful mechanisms to protect you from data base attack. Moreover it protects data transmission over the internet by make files nearly un-readable for the hackers. An ideal encryption process locks the plain text with encryption key and protects you from SQL injection and other hacking tricks.

Learning management system like LMS king professional has identifies these kinds of security threats so your eLearning does not compromised due security issues. You can easily segregate different roles and provide them access simultaneously. I hope this blogs would have surely helped you to understand the security issues and how to deal with them.



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