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King Joomla LMS can help you design a world class e-learning Portal

King Joomla LMS is a renowned learning management system that helps users create a viable e-learning module. The product is owned by Kings Products, a PHP development company.   With the increasing demand for online education and employee training, developing the most effective LMS product has been our priority. After so much research over the years, we are proud to introduce to you our all encompassing learning management system. It is designed by the best PHP developers and backed by top notch system support. Our King Joomla LMS is made to fit with Elearning Joomla component 3.1 version and above. This makes it easy to use by inexperienced subject experts who want to create their own e-learning portal to train and educate people.

King LMS has all the features and E learning Joomla components that are needed to design a reliable and efficient online learning portal. Comparing these features and what it actually delivers, you will understand why there are so many positive reviews and great feedbacks for this product. It is relatively cheap when put side by side with other LMS products in terms of affordability and efficiency. 

With the LMS King, you can do so many things such as creating charts, managing quiz questions, storing exam questions for later use, organizing a virtual learning class through multimedia support, and issuing certificates to students at the end of the course.    

We designed it to be user-friendly. This means that you will find no difficulty installing, maintaining, and using this product. We do not only provide an excellent product. We have also backed it with world class support team. After setting up the software, our support team will always respond to your inquiries and questions to make sure we stay with you while you build a world class e-learning portal.

There are three basic things that make our product stand out among a crowd of equals:  affordability, user-friendliness, and efficiency. The above features are unbeatable by any other learning management system on offer in the market today.  You can try for yourself before buying our product by ordering the lite version.

King LMS Product is also perfect for the aficionado who understands the intricacies and functionality behind setting up and maintaining an outstanding online learning system. There are excellent features and components in the professional version for a more advanced module. Do not worry, because we have you covered in all angles.


Joomla LMS
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