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With the introduction of e-learning, several courses are not necessarily required to be taught in classrooms. E-learning is increasingly gaining grounds because of the availability of good software that ensure its effectiveness. One of such software is the King Joomla Learning Management System. There are endless possibilities with e-learning using this trusted LMS. Even classes that usually meet in the classroom have online component.  Assignment can be turned in online while syllabus is posted on the educational website for students to download.

This is only the primary aspect of e-learning. E-learning has to do with organizing virtual interactive classes online where students have to interact with the teacher and one another.  And the driving force behind this recent development is the e-learning portal developed by King Products. The technology of King LMS allows users to utilize several e-learning tools to make their e-learning experience more worthwhile.

For internet beginners and those who are technically inexperienced, Kings Learning Management System is just right for them. You don’t have to learn programming language to be able to create a world class learning portal to train or teach people online.

There are simple templates that help you create lessons, develop charts, create forums, and discussion classes for your students. Virtual learning classroom is also possible with this system. A learning environment can be created where you can chat and discuss with your students, while they ask questions and discuss case studies.

There is also a provision for creating quiz and exam questions that can be administered to the students at a later date. The teacher has full control of the portal and can grant access to only the user groups that he or she chooses. Teaching and administering questions have been simplified for the technically inept teachers who feel technical knowledge will prevent them from sharing their ideas to the world.

Finally, if you are concerned about issuing out results after the students have completed their courses, then worry no more. It is easy to create custom results in the portal where students will be allowed to print their results from the portal wherever they are.

All these features are not available in several other similar systems. Even when they are available, they are too complex for inexperienced web owners to comprehend and set up. But with the King Joomla LMS, everything has been done for you!!


Joomla LMS
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