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King Products Announces Latest Version of Learning Management System King Professional

King Products, a leading provider of learning management systems (LMS) run on Joomla!, recently announced the release of their latest version of LMS King Professional within the Joomla! updater.

This latest version of their best-selling LMS software Version 3.2.21 of LMS King Professional is being offered at a special low price to celebrate the occasion.

King Products was established by CEO Robert Joyce to meet the growing demand for effective and efficient management and storage of data in the business learning environment.

Joyce, who started his programming career over 20 years ago has had extensive experience in the development of software, having worked for a number of software companies including iJoomla and CNP Integrations.

He quoted,’ over the years we’ve been working hard on making LMS King Professional a robust tool that clients can gain great value from. In the latest version we have added Joomla! updater support, but it’s only the latest version in a long journey of creating what we feel fills the gap that other learning management systems are not filling for clients.’

King Products offers a range of data management and manipulation products for the learning environment that are ideal for learning organisations who prefer to keep their eye on the bottom line. Businesses can start out with a cost conscious starter package, and advance at a pace that suits the size and complexity of their learning establishments and their students.

The LMS software captures the achievements of students and makes it possible to produce reports in addition to the tracking and monitoring of all learning. Customer support for clients is considered something that is above what would be typically offered by competitors in addition to the product being easy to use and valuable to the organisation.

King Products also offers other technical information technology solutions in the form of customisation, web optimisation and web design services in addition to PHP development and a Joomla! support service.


Joomla LMS
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