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Technology is growing rapidly so the ways of learning, many people says that learning is an efficient instrument for one’s development. So it gives birth to new method known as blended learning. Blended learning is sometime known as hybrid learning, where in face to face traditional learning is integrated with online "e-Learning". Now a days higher educational institution prefer blended learning in there course curriculum to bring flavor to their training and learning needs.



Why would you use blended learning?
The main reason of introducing blended learning is mixture of traditional method and online method, the main aim is to use both the strategies, which socialize classrooms with modern technology. But what more appealing is that, it provides the learning’s trough technology; where teachers cannot reach their students physically but can reach virtually. Students can gear up there performance and utilize learning from different institutions.

Advantages of Blended learning in Learning Management System

1. Streamline Training Process - Using blended learning model can help you to streamline the training process, allow you to plan your training calendar. And you can schedule and run your offline and online training accordingly. Students can leverage the power of modern mobile apps and create learning communities to share learning’s.

2. Subject matter experts – With blended learning students can expertise on the subject matter and drill down lessons to gasp the whole matter. While the teachers will have the new way to present the learning to the world.

3. Wider Class – Modern technology will break the barriers of a class room and make worldwide.  Imagine a class of 500 students, there seminars examinations and where will you accommodate them. With blended learning you can break the barriers of classroom and maintain records easily. It is already known as people learn in many different ways, and audio visual learning’s tends to remain longer in learners mind. Multi approach training programs like face to face, online and mobile will incrementally lasting effects in learners mind. And blended learning via LMS king professional helps you do exactly.

4. Centered management – One of this reason to follow this approach is centered management, you can manage all your training easily. Unified Calendar tools will help you easy manage your live trainings without any misses whether it is online or offline training sessions.

Apart from the above there are many more advantages of blended learning. The main aim of having bended learning mode in LMS is to make learning an interactive session and bring learner’s up-to the learning curve.



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