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Main Features of the Joomla LMS King Extension set.

  • Easy Creation Wizard to get you up and running on only 5 minutes.
  • Jomsocial Compatibility (Student details on apps page and Points System)
  • Alpha User Points Compatibility
  • SCORM Compatibility
  • Alvideos plugin Media Support
  • Responsive Layouts
  • Content Plugin support for onContentPrepare function
  • FileSharing between Students and teachers
  • Chat Functionality between Students, Teachers and Assistants
  • eMail Messaging system
  • Alternative Profile system (If you aren't using JomSocial)
  • FeedBack system so that you can get feedback from your students
  • Basic Forum system for discussing Lesson related topics
  • Language translator application using google translate to translate all the application Language files into your own language



Joomla LMS
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