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What is LMS Intermediate

As the name suggests LMS Intermediate is an intermediate version of Kings Learning Management System comprising of not all, but some of its extensions like components, modules, plug-ins etc, which are fully integrated into the LMS.

Designed to work on the Joomla 3.1 version and above, this is an excellent eLearning platform for starters as well as those who want to hone their existing skills. It integrates almost everything you would ever ask for, right from taking tests to giving online presentations and taking part in quizzes, it has them all.

Different kinds of extensions available:

The extensions are tools, which enable the users to perform their work with ease and increased efficiency. These tools are not available with the free version of LMS. The extensions include:


  • Efficient Media Manager with customer support
  • Feedback facility to question and get the answers
  • A dedicated Forum for all round discussion

System Plug-ins

  • User Statistics Reporting plug-in to keep a track of user statistics
  • Course related plug-in known as Courses plug-in
  • Integrated Buy Now plug-in to buy the paid version


  • It has a Learning Center module access of which is not restricted to anyone
  • My Certification Paths module
  • Course Finder module to find a course you want and intend to learn

To pursue LMS Intermediate course you need not be a computer expert or a software engineer. Basic knowledge of computer will do and in some cases, even basics can be learned while learning this course. Such is the simplicity with which this course in designed you are sure to become a LMS KING for sure. There are no complicated menus, sub-menus or any complex instructions. Unlike other software in the market, everything in LMS Intermediate is formulated in a very user friendly and easy-to follow manner.  

Tests, Tests, Tests!

Three patterns of tests are available as of now. All of them are conventional patterns with a modern touch given.

  • Quizzes
  • Exams
  • Presentations

…and many questions:

  • Multiple Choice Questions whereby the user needs to select correct answer from the list of provided choices
  • Fill-ups - The user must manually type their answers in the blank space
  • Multiple Response - The user has the option to select more than one answer if applicable to the question
  • True/False - A Binary format where the user needs to select between yes or no
  • Matching - The user must match the questions in a column with the correct answer in other column
  • Essay - The user can type a long response to the presented question. A teacher or assistant will mark these types of questions manually. Alternatively, the user can upload a document in response
  • Numeric - This is a mathematical type question where the user must type in the correct answer

The above tells the simplicity is the approach of LMS Intermediate, which is created solely to help each and every aspirant.


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