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LMS King helps you in Rapid E-Learning

The main idea behind the rapid e-learning is to create a course in shorter period of time, with smaller budget, and making few efforts you can get a great e-learning module ready. LMS King Professional is made with years of research on examining online education requirements, which fully integrates with Joomla! Thousands of organizations have already chosen Joomla LMS king for E-Learning solution worldwide. Things which were difficult earlier are now possible with LMS king, friendly interference and surprisingly affordable price. Joomla LMS King combines pedagogic approach with most useful online learning features:

  • Award winning and easy to use LMS King Joomla.
  • Flexibility in course management.
  • Easy Completion certificates integration.
  • SCORM support.
  • Integrated advanced reporting and tracking system.
  • E-Commerce functionality for paid online courses.

With Joomla LMS King you can create customized eLearning portals, create and manage whole content at your fingertips. You can create contents in the form of PowerPoint presentation, and by means of authoring tools you can convert them into SCORM format and latter transfer them to Kings Learning management system.
The main advantage LMS King Professional is the lack of necessity of having programming knowledge; you need not have you be programming guru.
Another benefit of rapid e-learning is the easy course circulation. Course can be easily developed, delivered, re-edited in shorter time without wasting excessive time.
LMS King Professional release is here, this includes adding to the certificate edit page and ability to select all users in a Joomla ACL group. New progress bar selection feature per lesson however, king’s world does not end here. Experts are continuously working on adding unique features and applying fixes to issues.

LMS king Professional can help you to make Money


We always think LMS (Learning Management System) which is for e-learning in corporate and schools. However, there are also other ways of using LMS one of them is money making. Have you ever thought of LMS being used for online business of selling e-courses? I believe not yet? In the current world scenario online courses are in great demand. You just need to select target sector and you should have good knowledge about it, like the one which provide e-learning solution to aviation industries. To begin with you need to analyze few things like:

  1. Will the people join the E-Learning course?
  2. Will they pay for it?
  3. Are there any competitors?
  4. Select the best LMS solution?

After the detailed research your can start LMS business online. While taking about the technology LMS implementation requires investment. Although you can select the free versions available in the market, but adaption, customization, improvement and LMS management services will drain all your money. However, you can choose affordable LMS kings product to cut down recurring cost.



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