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King Products announces release of their new LMS King learning management system

October 2, 2013.

King Products, a pioneer in the provision of Joomla customizations services, has released the new Joomla LMS King learning management system, the most fully featured Joomla LMS system on the market.

Educational institutions and teachers will find this integrated suite of Joomla extensions can handle e-mails, chat, file sharing, feedback, profiles, translation utility, media management and many other aspects of creating and managing e-learning applications.

With the Joomla LMS King Learning Management System you can set up Certification Paths. It has wizards, import features, track time and perform user profile management as well as a host of other great features right at your fingertips. Built from the ground up specifically for the latest Joomla 3 platform, this is an easy to use framework where subject management experts can easily build out effective e-learning courses.
For more details including pricing and a free demo go to For a limited time, you can purchase the professional version of Joomla LMS King learning management system for the basic price.



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