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LMS King Offers a Creation Wizard that lets Users Get Started Quickly and Correctly

Many learning management systems are created with the belief that the user will know everything they might need to be able to get started right away. As part of their commitment to great customer service, Joomla LMS King, the premier Learning Management System, has a Creation Wizard that walks new users through the creation of their e-learning experience, eliminating hours and days of hardship and frustration. A video demonstrating this powerful wizard in action is available at

“One of the most annoying things that happens to people that purchase other Learning Management Systems: they are often left on their own,” Robert Joyce, CEO, said. “At King Products, we offer more than just an amazing product, we offer a great user experience.”

The built-in creation wizard walks users through the creation of certifications, course, lessons and much more. Rather than being forced to build each stage of the e-learning process separately, the LMS King Creation Wizard takes the user through each step of the process. Users can still access each step separately as well when that is more convenient.

Also, as part of their commitment to great customer service, LMS King provides customer support via email.

“The Creation Wizard is just the beginning of the tools that we make sure that every user has to make their LMS King Experience as smooth and easy as possible,” Joyce said. “The key to the creation wizard is that it is designed to be like one of our customer service professionals being right there with you as you develop your curriculum and course.”

The Creation Wizard takes customers from inception to deployment of a course, step by step. Because it is not just a training tool, but it actually sets up the course, users can open and use the Creation Wizard over and over, making the creation of new courses even easier.

“Most of our customers are teachers, corporate executives and human resources professionals. They don’t have time to understand the complex inner-workings of the King Products Learning Management System,” Joyce said. “The Creation Wizard makes it so they don’t have to. They can simply walk through the course creation process and be up and running in no time.”

A short demonstration of the power of the LSM King Creation Wizard is on YouTube at

King Products was founded by Robert Joyce, after he gained years of experience working in the IT field. King Product’s Learning Management System (LMS) has been in development for four years. Today, King Products offers there four different levels of LMS to meet the needs of all of their customers. They also offer world-class customer support, to guarantee that the customer’s experience is positive and productive.

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Robert Joyce at [email protected].


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