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Logic Behind the successful Interactive E-Learning!

An ingredient for a successful "E-Learning" is good quality content, great design and easy user navigation. Out of the three, the most important being design and development of the course; but very often it over looked as a result I lose interactivity. If learners are not engaged or do not fell free with the course, it adds exception to the course and the course falls. It will eventually learners will not accrue the information you are providing.

1. Keep the matter relevant and simple but strong- You should always target on high quality contents that will keep the learners motivated and engaged to wads the module. A single misleading contents form the subject matter will put question on the whole “E-Learning”. So always ensure that you provide are relevant and improve the learner’s skill sets. Key to successful interactive course is not to include the content that you think is relevant, rather include the content that the learner’s will find valuable.

2. Include explanatory materials – Learners should be given all opportunities to explore the content to make the learning fully interactive. Creating stories with visual components makes the topic eye catching and creates visual about the topic in the mind of the learners and enhance the learning, making them come back for knowledge and information.

3. Single page Quizzes – Inclusion of small amount of Quizzes at the end of each module not only help to make the course effective but also helps access the knowledge and gauge the progress of the learners. Real life situations put in the form quizzes and puzzles helps learners to put there learning to solve the problems in real life situations.

4. Hit the emotions – Emotional response helps the learners retain information or skills. Adding relevant emotional contents based on real world scenario enhances eLearning course and pull attention to the core content.
5. Group Studies – Getting learners into group studies brings collective ideas. You can engage learners via online group chats to solve problems collectively, integrating learning models with blended communities is a great ideas moreover it can explore the topic in depth.

6. Multi-media Mix – An E-learning which has got mix of multimedia and text are more aesthetically appealing then having solely just texts. Making e-learning more interactive is the main element in making the course successful.

To conclude above you should have a balance of all the elements to make the course interactive and successful.



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