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Bias of online education

Online education is booming with an increase in the user base. Thanks to the development of Internet technologies and the availability of smartphones. It is now possible for educational institutions and organizations to offer cost-effective training programs to learners. Online education presents plenty of opportunity for people who find it difficult to attend a physical class course. Although there are disadvantages associated with the online program, following an intended schedule strictly will yield great results than a physical course. In addition, the online education program teaches self-disciplinary and decision-making skills, which are key principles of progress in the real world.

The improvement in the online education platform is providing the opportunity for institutions to deliver training and education in an entertaining manner. Coupling the platform with a learning management system yields rich profits. Reaping benefits from the entire project is dependent on the implementation of the LMS and the organization’s goal. A learner or an employee that is looking for ways to master the online education requires commitment and determination in completing the course. The online education system assesses the performance of the learner through a series of assignments, tests, and active participation.

A learning management system is a combination of administration and delivery of training material. Learners will find it easy to gain access to the materials from anywhere and at any time. It is possible due to the availability of the Internet. The flexible nature of the online education system proves beneficial for individuals who have commitments such as employment or family responsibility. Additionally, the management system also proves beneficial for an organization that is looking at a cost effective medium in delivering training to employees. The system is capable of handling registrations, recording the performance of the learner, storing assignments, keeping track of the performance, and documenting reports.

The entire information available from a single platform provides greater control to the administrator in managing the user base. Due to the flexible nature offered by the online education system, completing a course with successful results is now possible for a student. However, learning to manage the time and active participation in online discussion with professors and community is necessary. Time management and online discussions improve knowledge of the student on a particular topic because it offers varied opinions and thoughts from different sources. The enthusiasm created by the platform helps the student acquires information or knowledge about a topic from different sources. Additionally, the digital content available in any online education program consists of real-life examples and scenarios. That approach prepares the student to attend to any real-life situation immediately after completion of the course.

Online education is a successful medium in delivering quality education at an affordable cost. Enjoying the advantages and utilizing the availability of the learning management system is dependent on the determination of the learner. Reaping benefits from the same system by an organization is dependent on the implementation of the learning management system, its functionality, expandability, integration, and future requirements.


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