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New Event Registration Manager King Component

Today we are preparing to release or new component.
We have based our new component on the Event Registration component from Joomla Showroom.
We decided to write this component as we have had many requests from clients in the past for this type of component.  We decided on this component to base ours as we knew it best.  in the past, we developed the JCal integration into the Event Registration component on behalf of one of our clients, Ron Greenspan, and we were approached by JoomlShowroom to integrade the payment plugins system into it too. We also then later added the group registration functionality into the component too. Each time, we handed the code over to the original developer so that they could introduce it into their codebase and so that our clients would get free ongoing support when they upgraded to later versions of this component.
Today, after 8 months of development, we are happy to announce that out Registration Manager King component is almost ready.
During our development, we came across many shortcomings of the original component and we have extended it.
The component will have Frontend content creation ability too.
The component will not be restricted to registering for events, but you can also use it as an eStore. All you need to do is to change the language file text from events to products and you're right to go.
As far as deliverable products, All we need to do is to add one more option, to the "product" details page named "shippable" and then update the registration form to ask for shipping address details.
And there you have it, an event registration component AND an eStore, all in one.
We are hoping for an end of October 2018 release date.  As we are going through the documentation and checking it, we are discovering some areas where the component lacks and adding them, like a customer dashboard, where they can link to their profile, orders, registration history etc.  We will initially be giving the component away for free whilst it is in beta testing stages.

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