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Points to remember while designing an e learning course in your LMS


When you are designing an e learning programme it is important to solicit feedback from your target audience. It is very important to shape your course ware so that it is optimal for the audience. There is no doubt that learning has revolutionized, the way we delivered the learning. Facts can easily be seen as more and more educational institution are moving to online training in order to broaden their skill sets. A learner depends upon e base platform to enhance their skills. Knowing the basis will be enough for a successful e-learning module. However, if want to create an e-learning module that not only help them to gain knowledge but also retain learning for future endeavour.
In this article, we will talk about how to develop an e-learning module that is easy to maintain and achieve professional and educational goal.

LMS Kings Key Points


  1. Determine your key objectives. This is one of the important key functions, you should figure out who will be using this course and what can you offer them. For example what learning will you be providing after the course completion? Who will be your primary audience? What learning style will you be using? Etc.
  2. Target audience awareness. Try to educate the learners about the course benefits prior to launch of the e learning module. A few lines about the course as “description” will be very handy, or outlining the important skills that they will benefit from “e-learning” sessions.
  3. Indexing or using Syllabus. Syllabus, indexing are traditional methods used in learning. Syllabus can act as a valuable tool for learners and LMS designers; it can provide a whole outline of the e-learning to the educators.
  4. Use of Interactive media content. Use of audio visual or graphics stimulates mind and helps in memorizing content more easily. E-learning platform like “LMS King Professional” has the ability to include visual aids and other educational tools that will encourage learners to bring up a participation session.
  5. Including Test and Quizzes. An effective course includes quizzes, test etc. Including test and quizzes not only helps in participating e-learning sessions but also help in determining learners progress, which will eventually help you see the grey areas where you need your content to be modified.
  6. Make the e-learning mobile. E-Learning story does not end up in computer screen; you should try to move to mobile gadgets like tablets etc. That will help you the get monopoly and educators will have the option to go mobile with learning, they can have the chance to learn any anywhere place.


The above listed points will surely help you design an effective course in your current LMS.





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