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Relation between Joomla LMS with the Emerging Technology


The emerging internet and technology industry has changed many things in a decade including the way we learn. In past, a person’s action could say that whether he/she is getting formal education or not. If one is attending classes in college then he was considered as a formal student but if a person is using internet all the time then people don’t use consider the guy a formal student. With change in many things, the enhancement in technology has changed our perception too about education by evolving Learning Management System. The best possible way to perform Learning Management System is by Joomla’s platform thus the development is named as Joomla LMS.

It’s been a long time now that the developers have introduced distance learning opportunities. Such opportunities not only save a student’s time but a lot of his assets too. Learning Management System (LMS) is a development in the same niche. The different between distance learning system and LMS is that the distance education program is used for students who want to study particular courses(s) while the LMS is used to train employees.

Usage of LMS:

Usually LMS is used by consulting companies who are specialized in training employees for various organizations. They use the system for staffing and training of the employees. They also use it for the organizations who are willing to turn their employees into continue learners. Moreover, LMS is been used by individual companies too. Joomla LMS is companies’ first choice to make their employees know about their new business plan. Not only this, they can make their employees know their respective tasks for the purpose and most importantly can teach them the skills they would require to perform those tasks. Employers could take assessments and online examinations too.

Student Interface:

Education is now a business too. You can now turn your knowledge into dollars using Joomla LMS. Just create a Joomla LMS platform, take students to your classroom and you’re on the go. Your students won’t need to carry a pen and notebook as they could get note down the lecture directly as a softcopy. They won’t either need to get a Xerox copy of your notes as they’ll be available online too. The LMS would allow the instructor the make probably any type of quizzes they want to. From True/False to Multiple Choice Questions, from short answers to essays, almost everything! LMS would also provide options to record the students’ progress as well.

Media Library:

Instructors have to option to upload the course material on their Joomla LMS’s media library. Students may access their notes & presentations anytime if no restrictions have been assigned by the instructor. It makes things easy for both the parties.

Joomla Learning Management System (LMS) has made its mark already making life easy of many. Employers now can train and keep record of their employees training all under one system. Students can know enjoy distance learning and instructors can now have diversified range of students to teach. A great innovation indeed for the learners and for the ones who are making the learners’ learn.



Joomla LMS
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