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The ABC of learning management system

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Enabling agile learning culture in the increasingly dynamic landscape of business operation has become the mainstream for business success. There is a constant evolution of learning management system with new entrants offering a variety of features and tools. Therefore, organizations are on the lookout for the best in the class learning management system. It is important that the learning management system fulfills the requirement of the businesses. Reaping the benefits from an LMS is dependent on the ability of the organization’s LMS implementation. Provided below are the important commandments that form a foundation for beginning the implementation of an LMS.

  1. An organization will reap benefit from the implementation when the LMS is capable of aligning with the organization’s strategy. It is important that the learning management system emerges as a savior to the immediate need for the business transformation journey.
  2. It is important to keep all the stakeholders involved in decision-making while choosing a relevant LMS. Listening to the business needs is of primary importance in identifying the best in the class learning management system that promises to meet those needs.
  3. Creation of the business requirements document will act as the master book that contains functional and business requirements. It also provides information on the expectations of the end user.
  4. Prioritizing the requirement is also a significant activity. Segregating the requirement and identifying the critical activities of the business will be helpful in giving weight to the user experience, system functionality, and ease of use. The process will be useful in identifying the critical criteria needed for selecting the tool.
  5. Throughout the journey of implementing the learning management system, it is important to revisit the process maps and business requirements document. The master book acts as a guiding principle and helps in prioritizing the requirements and functionalities.
  6. It is also important to evaluate the functionality of the LMS for future integration. The right time to begin the assessment is the beginning of the implementation. Considering the shortlisted tools and their compatibility with other tools used in the organization will be of great help. For example, it is possible to assess the difficulty of integrating the new learning management system with the existing performance tools or the skills training tools. Evaluating the current integration helps him nullifying the impact caused due to the business transformation and new integration of LMS.
  7. Taking a moment and spending time in assessing the content readiness is of immense importance. Technology undergoes a drastic change and at a faster rate than the behavior training material. Therefore, it is important to check for content readiness and ensure that it meets all the future requirements.
  8. It is critical to building a firm foundation and efficient team by identifying the right bonding between the technology and learning development teams. It is an essential step towards building a successful LMS implementation.
  9. The new implementation of LMS will require a push for adoption. Giving an identity to the learning management system and talking about is its personality will be a better way to branding and the change in the management.

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