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There is always been a demand for innovation and technology in learning industries, and eLearning is known to be the best. But before that you need to make a solid base for “e-learning” and one of them is Joomla CMS. Joomla is known to best in eLearning platform and capable of blending technology with learning.

E-learning course need to be online and to be more effective it needs a feedback throughout the course. There is lots of approach to check the knowledge on the learning and one of them is knowledge check techniques, where in you can put couple of questions on the screen to check the previous learning. Well, eLearning is away forward. Whether it is delivered via HTML website or Power Point Presentation, e-learning has got tremendous power in knowledge transfers. There are numbers of eLearning solutions which you can actually rely upon and you can produce the best courses at an ease. Let’s take few moments and have a look on the bests.

LMS King professional: - This is one of most known LMS solution in Joomla base. This one of the versatile piece of excellence put together in the form of software’s. Provides almost all required feature for successful e-learning course creation, it seamlessly integrates with the Joomla CMS. You are free to add 18 different types of quiz formats, dropdown list, essay and many more. Out of the several I liked the payment gateway the most; it has got almost all known gateways to be integrated in Joomla platform.

It’s the way to create content on your own way. It can embed course to your Joomla website and user can get trained via dashboard. Student and get enrolled instantaneously, and LMS King advanced logic creates bifurcation in the hierarchy. There are different accesses to different roles. Complete confidentiality is maintained, that allows specific access to particular module to students or groups. This feature is somehow similar to a school, where different class attends different courses.
With LMS King you can access eLearning effectiveness easily by learners Opinion- Learners opinion is an important parameter for measuring eLearning effectiveness. After all modules are created for the learners, the main objective is to finds the likes and dislikes about the course, this will also answer important question “Did the course met the learners expectation”. Build in survey feature in LMS King can also help you in building an effective course; you can add surveys at the end of the course and know the measurements on course effectiveness.




Joomla LMS
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