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The Four Versions of the King Joomla LMS Explained.

For those who are not familiar with the functionality of learning management system, an LMS is software used by educators and trainers to create an e-learning platform in order to teach or train their subjects. With the ever increasing demands of online education, the LMS has also increased in popularity.  There are different types of learning management systems on offer in the market today. But a lot of them are lacking in one way or the other. However, the introduction of the King Joomla eLearning LMS has enhanced the capabilities of the e-learning environment.  Users can now create highly productive online learning portals without worrying about technical ability. The software is compatible with the Joomla LMS. This entails that users will have the best experience when it comes to installation and maintenance.  So, no matter your level of knowledge in LMS products, the user friendly interface of King Joomla LMS will get you started.

Apart from that, we have followed up our excellent product with an outstanding system support that provides technical support and guides you wherever you need assistance. Kings Joomla eLearning LMS is also quite affordable. When you look at the features that are being offered , you will understand why the product is everyone’s choice of e-learning software.
We have four versions of our Kings product available; The Lite version, Basic version, Intermediate version, and Professional Version.

King LMS Lite: This was introduced recently to give users the option of trying our products before ordering the paid version. Although many features are lacking in this version, you will get a little feel of what is being offered in other paid versions.

King LMS Basic: The basic version contains some features and none of our extensions. The basic features like exams, quiz, and some question formats are provided here. It is most ideal for people with little experience who wants to begin with a simple version before graduating to other versions with more features.

King LMS Intermediate: This contains more features than the basic version. All features in the basic version are contained here plus some of our extensions.
King LMS Professional: This is the most advanced version of our product.  It contains all the features and extensions (including survey, presentation, and SCORM). It contains all the modules and components. The professional version is ideal for a more complex e-learning portal. 


Joomla LMS
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