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The Future of eLearning in Joomla CMS


The easy integration between content management system and learning management system is the reason of Joomla CMS popularity. Regardless of the business activity it is convenient to have an eLearning system for your organisation. Everything is centralised and you need not have to be an expert in managing your LMS. Most of the extensions are offered free of cost and can be easily integrated with the LMS. Moreover enhanced CMS features enable bended eLearning by collaborating socially makes learning interactive.

These days there is lot of debate on interactivity of an e-learning course. Some people say it is worth less to have an eLearning, if it is not high-level interactive. “Click and read” eLearning becomes boring for them and as a result eLearning fails. Joomla CMS does not have any predefined learning management system built-in, so you would always need a third party software to make your Joomla E-Learning functional. There are plenty of software’s available in the market, but it is all about the full integration and compatibility. Now the question arises, on the specific LMS requirements. Is the extension capable of handling your requirements?
The Answer is “Yes” if it is LMS king professional, powered by Joomla. It is designed to meet the specific requirement of corporate and educational institutions. That’s why more and more companies are moving towards LMS king professional as an e-learning partner. It contains all the components of an ideal e-learning extension.
1. Easy Control both Couse designer and Learners – Not all LMS extension provides you easy Admin interference and flexibility, starting from the course layout to visual components, creativity freedom, it is just like all item packed in a magic box. Moreover you can determine the course level, payment methods at best suits your needs.

2. Define Roles and Responsibilities and manage stuffs on the move – You can easily set access with regards to roles and responsibilities. You can easily check user activity progress, time spent on the move. Question analysis feature acts as an add-on to the e-learning course.

3. Blended Learning – An ability to go social with modern scenario based questions.

4. Reduce Course Delivery cost- You can enrol employee immediately to the eLearning course and get him/her trained without any extra cost or time and you can get more return on your training investments.
The most important benefit of choosing LMS King Professional is the clients support and after sale service, to keep your e-learning running they work while you sleep.



Joomla LMS
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