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Joomla LMS Tips

There are many options available in the open market to select a learning management system, but selecting a best learning management system its bit tricky. Trust me during my E-Learning carrier; I have been through lot of eLearning course, but there is no size fits to all solutions. That makes difficult in selecting Learning management services. From my experience, there are certain tips which will help you to select best learning management system for your needs.

1) What type of contents will use in e-Learning- Is your e-learning course will be based upon PDF’S, Power points presentation? The answer will be all of the above, while all the CMS platforms available in the market are capable of handling this type of requirements for E-Learning platforms and out of the all Joomla would be the best. But still there is a need of double check on the platform capabilities before course developments.

2) What standards will you need to meet – Do you want your e-learning to be SCORM compliant, do need support to Jomsocial and Easysocial for your Joomla website social requirements? There are numbers LMS providers, but all of them do not support SCORM or Jomsocial. You need be careful while selecting learning management system. LMS king professional is SCORM compliant and provides support for your social networking needs.

3) What features will need for your LMS- Make a list of all top features which you would require for your e-Learning. Do you need different types of question formats, different access to different roles? It is very easy to make a list of requirements and wish to have all of them, but it’s real difficult to select the right solution to meet your needs.

4) Who is your targeted audience- If you are looking to make an eLearning course for employees outside the organisation, will require e-commerce capabilities. Where in learners will buy the course and get access to the trainings. If your targeted audience are within the organisation you would require defining course path and easy certification features.

5) What is budget for e-learning module- It is worthless spending hours for the software’s which are out of your reach of your pocket. But while choosing a software remember to consider the cost and benefit analysis, Some LMS provides support on monthly basis but will cost you a lot in the long run. LMS providers like kings-product provide yearly support on all the requirements.

The above five tips will help you get ahead with your learning management system selection. The best person to answer the above is you yourself.




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