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What can the Kings Joomla LMS do for you?

We at Kings Products decided to make an e-learning software system with many features that is easy to use and much affordable compared to other similar LMS products out there. There was a need for a more user friendly platform that is very compatible with Joomla CMS, because Joomla offers the best open source option for our King products to work efficiently. Our innovative new technology provides users with a comprehensive yet user-friendly option for learning management solution. There is no need to worry about functionality or compatibility problems because our veteran programmers and developers have taken their time to ensure that the best possible technical support and customer service is provided to help you succeed.

LMS do for you

Providing quality software system for your e-learning needs have been our watchword over the years, and the raving reviews the product have received from users only point out the fact that we have kept to our words. The extensions provided are there to help you navigate through the setup and management of your e-learning portal. As a subject matter expert or a learning management professional, you need to stick with only the learning management solution that guarantees optimal performance and assures you great features.

This is the whole essence of Kings Joomla LMS: to provide an excellent learning management system backed by world class maintenance and support team to guide you all the way to your dream e-learning portal.

You can’t possibly come across another LMS product with such great features that delivers more than it promises. Although we have highly efficient software, we know it takes more than quality software to help you succeed in the e-learning environment. That is why we are readily available whenever you need us to help you fashion out the best design, configuration, and maintenance for your learning management project. Our support team will offer guide and advice to ensure that your e-learning portal is up and running in no time.

But if you are well versed and knowledgeable in the installation of LMS products, then our Kings product has all the features you need to set up a comprehensive and sophisticated portal.  That is why we have integrated the software into the Joomla CMS to enhance its capability and efficiency. Our products are available in four different strata: The lite version (free trial version), basic version, intermediate version, and profession version (the most sophisticated version).


Joomla LMS
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