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What question you should ask to your employees before enroll them in e-Learning?

The most important thing which is kept in mind while designing an “eLearning” course is the subject matter which is actually need for the employees. You should aware of the employee’s expectation and concerns they might have before enrolling to an online course. It is always certain that employees can have their own set of question but, there are certain important questions which an organization should addressed and answered to create an efficient training environment.

1) Why will you enroll yourself in this course?
To engage employees to training exercise, they should be aware of what the online training is for. They must know the subject matter, development skills which will be taught in the training, and the important one “what skill will they develop after the training”, “Will the training benefits them in their productivity”. Be sure you enlighten them on the above point, you can provide an outline on the subject matter, the contents etc. So that, the employees can get assured and motivated on the future outcomes from the e-learning.

2) How you apply the knowledge gained from the training?
An e-Learning course can be effect less, if the learners do not know actually how to apply the skills which they have gained from the training. So employees should be made aware of the use of the new knowledge. The best thing you can do to answer this, is to create a module just after the training that clearly states the employees can apply the subject matter that they have gained from the training. Making a learning goal can also be the best idea.

3) What are your benefits from this online course?
In general, employees will be more concerned about the information’s that will benefit them in there day to day activity especially in their workplace, how will it help you in the real world. The only thing the employees want to know is that, how this training going to help them in any form. The best thing can do is that you create scenario based questions pertaining to the learners day to day working life.

4) How can you be sure that you have learnt the content from online course?
Acquiring and providing knowledge are two different things, before building the course materials you should take the advice from the peers and managers that what exactly the online training should comprise off. To address above question you should integrate Quizzes and recaps to check the knowledge from the e-learning.

Lastly, you should motivate employees to Join the course and keep them engaged with the highly interactive course which you have designed.


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