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What you need to know about the LMS King products

Are you looking to build an e-learning portal with features that increase the learning experience of users? Do you want a simple but feature rich LMS that guarantees optimum performance? Are you a professional website designer who wants to include sophisticated software to cater for the needs of e-learners? If you answer YES to any of the questions above, then you have arrived at the right place. Kings LMS Joomla is the ultimate product that has rejuvenated the e-learning environment. With this product, you can do so many things, which ensures that you succeed in your quest to educate and train people online.

The King LMS Joomla products come in three packages: the professional, intermediate, and basic version. The professional version is the most sophisticated of all three versions with rich features that guarantee optimum performance for corporations and educational institutions. For those that want to create an expansive portal with all the tools and features available, the professional version is the right choice for them.  It is meant for technical experts who understand the types of features and tools to use in order to design an all-purpose learning management system. It comes with all the extensions, including plugins, modules, and components that are fully integrated into the LMS.

The intermediate version comes with limited features than the professional version, although its features are also comprehensive. You can do so many things with this version. LMS King Intermediate comes with some of the extensions in the professional version. It is perfect for individuals that want a comprehensive system that is also simple and easy to setup. The basic version has limited features than the LMS King Intermediate and LMS King Professional.

It is designed to cater for the needs of individuals that want to create a simple project without much sophisticated features. It has the quiz and exam section, but the presentation, survey, and SCORM section is not available. Those are available in the intermediate and professional version. With our highly dependable King products, you now have all you need to succeed no matter the direction of e-learning you are headed.

So, whichever e-learning need you want to meet (whether a basic need or a more sophisticated need), we have products that are there for you. Learning online has never been simplified as it is now. And Kings LMS Joomla Products are the frontrunners of this recent development in the e-learning world.


Joomla LMS
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